Surf // See The World // Reach The Lost

We strongly believe we are called to influence every area of society. We believe the surfing community is one of influence that needs to be reached. We believe there is no better place to reach the surf community other than the Surfing Capital of The World… Hawaii, USA. Join the movement of Surfers reaching the lost in the water.

Surfer's Disciple Training School

    people to worship, listen and obey God, evangelize, intercede, express God’s heart to the world, and pioneer new ministries both personally and globally.


    personal growth in relationship with God and to reflect Jesus to all based on a Biblical foundation and the empowering Grace of the Holy Spirit.


    one's ability to relate to, learn from and work with people, including those of different cultures, personalities and perspectives.


    all to serve God in all areas of ministry; to reach the lost, care for the poor, and influence the world, especially in the surf community.


    the vision and values of Youth With A Mission and provide global opportunity to serve.

Program Costs:

Application Fee: $50.00 USD
Lecture Phase: $4090.00 USD
Outreach Phase: $3200.00 USD
+ Flights & Visas

Program Dates:

Surfer's DTS starts January 4, 2020

Program Duration:

Lecture Phase: 12 weeks
Outreach Phase: 10-12 weeks
DTS Program Total: 22-24 weeks

Target Locations:

At YWAM Maui we focus our outreach locations to South East Asia. However, locations can vary for each SFMI depending on several different factors, current events, political climate, etc.

Program Prerequisites:

All SFMI Program students must be at least 18 years old or older on the SFMI program start date. Must have basic knowledge of surfing and etiquette. Must be willing to have surf ability assessed.

SFMI: Lecture Phase (12 Weeks)

Lectures are centered around the core topics of:
    God’s Nature and Character

    God’s Intention for Individuals, Peoples and Creation

    God’s Redemption: Sin and The Cross

    God’s Family: His Children & His Church

    God’s Word: His Call & His Commission Doing the Works of Jesus

    YWAM: A Response to God

SFMI: Outreach Phase (12 Weeks)

Outreach is designed to put into practice lecture content.



    Cross-Cultural Communication

    Exercise Spiritual Gift’s

    Reach the Lost