Know the Word // Live the Word // Disciple Nations

Our call is to immerse DTS graduates in the truth of God’s Word, to develop a mature Christian worldview, and to integrate the Bible into the whole of life. Personal application leads to societal transformation.

What is the purpose of the Integrative Bible Course?

  • To IMMERSE ourselves in God's Word.
  • To DEVELOP a life-long hunger for the Bible
  • To COMMUNICATE biblical truth with clarity
  • To INTEGRATE God’s truth into the whole of life
  • To BUILD our Worldview according to the Bible
  • To MAKE disciples of nations
Program Costs

Application Fee: $50.00 USD
Lecture Phase: $3990.00 USD

Program Dates

Winter 2025: January 4th - March 28th

Program Duration

Lecture Phase: 12 weeks

University of the Nations

IBC is catalogued by the University of the Nations as Introductory Bible Course (CHR 227) and fulfills the core Bible course requirement for associate of arts degree programs in the UofN.

Program Prerequisites

All IBC students must be at least 18 years old or older on the IBC start date. Students must also have successfully completed a DTS program with any YWAM base.

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Lecture Phase

12 weeks

Lectures are centered around the core topics of:

  • Inspiration and Reliability of the Scriptures
  • Methods of Bible Study
  • Pentateuch
  • Historical Books of the Old Testament
  • Prophetical Books
  • Poetical Books
  • Expectation of Messiah
  • Life of Jesus
  • Early Church
  • Pauline Epistles
  • General Epistles
  • Yet-to-Come
  • Discipling Nations


The IBC fulfills the core Bible course requirement for associate degree programs in the University of the Nations. To disciple nations effectively requires the future generation of leaders to apply the Bible wholistically, not compartmentalizing their beliefs nor accommodating the spirit of the age. As such, the biblical worldview dimension will be injected into the whole of the school in order to prepare the student to integrate God’s truth as the reference point for every domain of life.